Mickey and Friends

Pooh and Company
*Christopher Robin
*Kanga and Roo


*Tinker Bell

FAvorite Stories

Sequel Links can be found on the Original Story's Page

*101 DaLmaTians
+ Sequels
*Adventures of
   Ichabod and Mr.Toad
* Adventures of Tom
   Thumb and Thumbelina

*AliCe in Wonderland 
+ Sequels
+ Sequel
+ Sequel
*BeAuty and the Beast
   + Sequels
*Big Hero 6
*The BlaCk Caldron
Brother Bear + Sequel
*A BuGs LiFe
*Chicken Little
+ Sequels
*The Country Bears
*Emperor's New Groove 
+ Sequel
+ Sequel
*FinDing NeMo
*Fox and the Hound
Fun and Fancy Free
*Great Mouse Detective
*High School Musical
*Home On The Range
*Hunchback of
   Notre Dame
+ Sequel
*Jungle Book + Sequel
*Lady and the Tramp 
+ Sequels
LiLo and STiTch
*LiOn KiNg + Sequel
*Little Mermaid + Sequels
*Make Mine Music
*Many Adventures 
  of Winnie the Pooh
*MaRy PoPPins
*Meet the Robinsons
*Melody Time
*Monsters Inc
*Monsters University  
*Mulan + Sequel
*Oliver and Company
*Peter Pan + Sequel
*Pete's Dragon
*Phineas & Ferb
   The Movie
*Princess and the Frog
*Rescuers + Sequel
*Reluctant Dragon
*Robin Hood
*Saludos Amigos
*Sleeping Beauty
*Song Of The South
*Snow White
*Sword in The Stone
*Tarzan + Prequel
*Three Caballeros
*The Tigger Movie
*TinkerBell (Video)
*Treasure Planet
* Tron
*Toy Story + Sequel
*Who Framed Roger Rabbit
*Wreck-It Ralph
*The Wild



4th of July
Mickey Birthday Party

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Walt Disney 
"It All Started With A Mouse"

Disney Fun Fact   
Steamboat Willie was the first Mickey Mouse cartoon released, and the first cartoon with synchronized sound. Released at the Colony Theater in New York on November 18, 1928, the date used for the birth of Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy, Pluto
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Winnie the Pooh, Christopher Robin, Owl, Rabbit, Eeyore, Gopher, Heffalump, Piglet

“Oh Boy!”

Mickey's Trademark Ears...
Basic design of Mickey's ears is two round ears that are attached to a round head. Other than the 1940's Mickey, Mickey's ears always appear the same no matter which way he is facing


Mickey became the first cartoon character to have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on November 18, 1978, in honour of his 50th anniversary.

“That sure is swell”

The creation of Mickey Mouse earned Walt Disney an honorary Academy Award in 1932.

 “Aw, gee…”

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